Resident Campers & Independence


Last Fall after P did her first run as resident camper. There was something different about that girl. As we slowly moved into her fourth grade year, we started seeing her take on tasks without asking. It all started with one morning in September, she asked if she could make herself some eggs. The first two times I supervised but by the third time I let her take the initiative. That and the fact I was in bed the third time and figured she’s got it down I can slowly get out of bed while she prepped. Of course I was wide aware when she turned on the burner. 

A few months passed and then came french toast, then pancakes, the sandwiches. At first we thought maybe it was 4th grade but as the year progressed, I began to wonder if it had anything to do with resident camp. Fast forward to this summer, she was off to camp the last week of June, this time for a full two weeks. Upon her return, she was ready to come home but then we noticed more initiative from her. First it was making her bed without asking and then she asked me one day if she could learn to do laundry. I was shocked and it all made sense now. Now if we could just get her to do dishes without asking.