Paley’s First Double Digits: Welcome to 10


Are we in the tween years? Or were we already there at 9? Most websites say the tween years started back at age 8, while others say 9. I am sorry but I have to disagree with all that and go with the fact 10 is where it all begins. Paley at an early age was pretty independent but we still made sure to give her some leeway by making life just a little easier, letting her be a child. Now this post is being posted 3 months after Paley’s birthday. I can say that this was intentional because I wanted to grasp the change that came with moving from 9 to 10. In all honesty, that would be lying to you. 

Three months into 10 and we are already seeing grown girl budding into a more responsible and indecent girl. The first glimpse of this new realm for her actually appeared late last simmer. I’ll get into that more in another post coming soon. For now this new found independence has given Paley a stronger voice. A few months before turning 10, she began making her own breakfast and voicing her likes and dislikes more and more. We still keep to a strict rule that you have to take one bite or taste of something before you get to say, YUCK or I don’t like that. 


While 4th grade is kind of a wash this year, (again another post coming soon) she still maintains it was fun but having her friends make it even more special. At 10 she has now voiced that she wants to continue acting but has expressed she would like to do more plays that musicals. Sadly finding theater companies that do at least 1 play is really hard. Most of the High Schools in the are have one each season. Sadly most of the theater companies for kids under 15, do not. For now we still are in search for this new opportunity to do plays. 

Ten is an exciting time because with a new chapter of age comes a new body. Girls her age are already seeing their bodies change. We’ve always been very open and clear with Paley about the changes coming to her body. Some things she’s excited about. And well somethings she’s “not sure” about. Now not sure is a reference to level of interest, rather than being nervous.  We’ve long discussed sex and more recently drugs and alcohol. Most of these conversations were built around how friendships will make these topics or issues very tricky to deal with. Peer pressure is more often the root of these conversations. 


Explaining these subjects has proven that we need to talk with her more and more. Sitting down once with your kid is not going to cut it. So to think you are getting by with one talk about the bird and bees is going to cut it, think again. Back to the tween issue. On a recent vacation to Nantucket, we found ourselves on the beach watching the three kids playing in the water. In that moment we were basking in the innocence she still has at 10. Innocence that I believe for some kids never goes away. As naive as it sounds, some of us still hold that inner child in our hearts. Maybe its santa, maybe it hope or maybe its just love. No matter which, Paley is still holding onto some of those things. While some of her friends may be going in another direction.

Her curious nature still lives in that little mind of hers. Along with her desire to grow her knowledge. She still reads book like they are milk shake. Devouring them fast but enjoying every minute and every second she’s drinking it. So far 10 us shaping up nicely for her but as parents of a pre-teen, the scary party are yet to come. Fifth grade will be a breeze if it’s anything like 4th. The challenge will most certainly be the just to middle school. She’s still interested in playing with the twins and of course those years are certainly counting down. For now we will build on exploring more and more in the coming years and opening her mind with new experiences.


10 has already shown us that independence is the key part of this next chapter. We are just blessed to have a young lady who is truly young at heart. She still says she never wants to NEVER leave us and live with us forever. AH! is my reaction, while I say in my head, enjoy it while it lasts. Some parents say they already know what their child's life path will be at 10. To be completely honest, I have no clue whatsoever. There are so many things. Part of me hopes each thing I see just blossoms over the years. For now we just want to cherish our eager reader and actress. Bring on 11, well maybe not to fast!