What to Watch: Black Mirror


Have you binge watched the Netflix show Black Mirror, if not, get started now. Netflix just dropped the 4th season, yes I said 4th but don’t worry each season only range between 3-6 episodes each. The show has deep roots in the UK for its production but in later season like season 3, American stars make the hop into the show. Each season builds an intricate weave of story lines that open your eyes to the negative effects the internet and social media is creating for our possible future. Season takes the cake exploring the world of shaming, online relationships and using social media to coup emotionally. The 4th season is now available and the writers tackle the Star Trek world and Alternate Reality Gaming. Fair warning, season 3 will leave you a little numb but you’ll find your feet again. If you make it to Hated in the Nation, then you're doing pretty good.

My advice and this advice is recycled, skip the 1st season! Or at least skip the first episode of season one! You’ll thank me later when you read what happens in that episode. Netflix has already given the green light for season 5 but don’t expect the season to be released until early 2019. There is rumor of another holiday episode in December. Filming has been uderway since February of the first couple episodes. Mostly confirmed to be filming in the UK as usual but there are reports that crew shot scene in Brazil in April.