Gone Are The Days of “Hair Plane”

The twins are fast approaching their 5 year birthday and in reminiscing on the last year, I have noticed the change in the kids little quirky word mashups. They are all slowly disappearing. The most common between kids at this age are words beginning with vowels. My favorite of course is “Hair Plane” better known as Air Plane. In googling the word, I found out the word is for real and is actually a CGI term for coding fair movement in a computer. 

Of course little words like these are obvious signs there might be speech problem. With Lochlan we found that signal to be sounding off loudly. Thankfully he has been working on his speech with a therapist for over a year now and he’s made great strides. Hair plane is now long gone. Cherish your child's little word mashups while they are still there and write them down whenever you can.