What to Watch: Odd Mom Trilogy

Woman empowerment, competitive mommies, life with children married with in-laws and never ending pursuit of understanding the crazy lifespan of marriage. In a nutshell, all the crazy things you thought didn’t happen is stuffed into one show and leaves you asking, do people really act like that. After two seasons I was still asking that question and here with the third season, I’ve finally hit the point where the question will always be answered, YES! 

This season opens with the Weber’s sharing the world of overnight camps with us in the experience of their eldest daughters introduction to world, along with them. The moment I realized I need to stop asking the question if that really can happen, was the scene where the parents showed up for family day at camp. The Weber’s were introduced into the great race! Now for the record, on the west coast, this doesn’t happen but out in the east, it’s big and you're going to love it. Parents arrive at family day with food in hand. On the show the parents bring Zabars, Baked by Melissa and Sushi & Laudrée. Which then leads into my favorite line from the episode - “because they miss the ethnic so much up here”. A friend said the race is real but the light     the starting tape is not. Somewhere! I am sure. I’ll avoid the Lester’s (Lestazz) clothing options. 

The show is on BRAVO and you can easily watch it over and over!  All 3 season can be watched on Bravo.com