Three Years and Two Blonds

What’s Lochlan and Margot’s 3rd birthday? The theme for this milestone has to be personalities up the yin-yang. Personalities so different it’s clear we are dealing with two separate kids. Margot is our little independent worker. Still doesn’t need any help, sadly this personality trait will love and long into adulthood. I have suffered from the “I don’t need your help” bug all my life. Me ask for help, as Clem would say, “fat chance in hell”. The positive side of this personality trait is that she become very focused on improving her ability to do things. From dancing and singing or even on craft or art project at school and home. Her ability to make strides in learning words and number (math even) has grown great. But her strongest personality trait would have to be her love of dancing and singing. She twirls and sings duets with her older sister on a almost daily basis. She is even starting to develop the ability to pick up songs she’s listen to or heard at bed time.

Having them at home all day only allowed their big personalities to shine a dim light on us. When they started pre-school in August, they shined bright as the sun from day one. Did they cry the first day of school? No! Did they cry during the first week? Sadly no! While many of the kids in their class had already turned three or did in the first month. Our little over 2.5 years old twins were right at home on day one. I think I cried for both of them. Right now they only go three days a week for the half day but we are looking at extended day (till after 2) starting January. They really could use the extra time there.

The only problem that arose in the first week was their play and sharing behavior. The teachers praised their ability to play nice, share and help the other students. The only problem was inability to not share, not play nice with each other. To which I reply, welcome to having twins. The real concern I had going into school was my fear of the "MINE", margot had the worse case of the mine's at the beginning of the year. I only realized today in writing this post that I haven't heard them use the MINE at all in the past month. Okay, maybe a few times! Note to self to praise the teachers for breaking that habit. Here they are on their third birthday and after opening their presents the duo are working together and playing with the tool box Lochlan received as a gift. 

With school, came Lochlan's strongest personality trait to date. The rule enforcer! On the outdoor teacher got the first glimpse of it and said that each incoming class always has one rule enforcer. Lochlan was the winning ticket. On the second day of school  the teacher went into the their cottage to get milk for another class and as she exited the kitchen. Lochlan ran up to her demanding to know where she was taking their milk. When she explained she was taking it to another house. He motioned to the refrigerator and said she was not allowed. 

Like Paley, the twins have learned the art of Golden Globe Performance. Crying on queue to get what they want. I want that fourth snack, no you've eaten too much, here comes the waterworks, okay fine you can have it, waterworks off!  They also are starting to learn clever negotiations tactics. If one dad says no, there is alway a second dad who might say yes. Thankfully, haven't reached the twisting the truth stage. 

What to expect from this point? Well the terrible 3's started back in June when summer began. Their temperament equals that of their older sister, sadly there is two of them which amplifies those bits of rage and anger. With more school, hopefully comes an increase in their speech. Margot's pronunciation has always been stronger but lochlans interest in learning has trumped margot at times. His pronunciation has increased as well. For now we just enjoy the constant talking about everything and more singing and dancing.