Thank You Notes: I’m Just Lazy, There I Said It

We used a photo from the holiday portrait session for the thank you card.

I use to be anal about thank you notes, invitations and correspondence and even Birthday Card. About 2 years ago, I finally stopped sending out birthday cards to friends and every family member on the planet. I stopped because of two reasons, it was becoming an expensive habit (which had me ripping off card companies by scanning and duplicating cards) and it was becoming harder and harder to stay on top of sending them out on time! Then I slowly got out of the habit of sending friends and some family members emails or written letters just to say hello. I think that really stopped when I started blogging. Finding the time to sit down and write a blog post and then write 10 letters a months was hard! 

I am a little better with invitations, although for Paley’s 5th I was a little behind in my eyes. It was well within the 1 month rule. My fault this year was deciding on which artist to hire to do a commission portrait of Paley. Where I’ve truly failed the rule, is Thank You Notes. I think I got the last thank you note out for all the gifts we received for twins (who arrived in October) in early June. Yeah, 8 months later is bad. I still haven’t finished the thank you notes for Paley’s birthday gifts from April. Eeeek! I’ve gotten bad. What’s hard is finding the time to sit down and just focus on writing something out. Most of my free time, where I can sit down and work is usually spent on writing blog posts, paying bills and multitude of other things far more pressing. 

So for now I am enforcing a new rule, as long as the thank you notes are done in 6 months, it should be okay. Who am I kidding that’s just rude. Now that I think of it, I think I owe one of my mom’s friends gifts still needs a thank you note written. Crap!


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