You've Heard of Christmas in July........

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.........but Halloween in July! That's just crazy talk, or is it? 

I received an email from Chasing Fireflies, an online clothing company that offers over the top frilly clothes for girls and even women. Their big money earner is their elaborate halloween costumes for kids and adults. Yes, they’re a little on the pricey side but they are pretty amazing.  

Banana Paley 2009

So the email as you can see in the image attached, they are announcing that the costumes will be available online in 10 days. Who am I kidding, yes, I will be going online next week to see all the great new costumes they’ve come up with. Over the years we have allowed Paley to pick out her costume. I will admit that her first costume was picked out by me. Our little lamb chop. She was adorable. 

Then came her second Halloween, this time she pointed at the banana costume on the website. Banana’s at the time were her favorite food. Which is funny because when I feed the twins pureed banana’s, I cannot feed them fast enough. It was a hilarious costume but as you can see from the photo, she was not a fan of the costume. She spent 80% of the time in the costume crying. Needless to say we only did about 5 houses on our block and then headed home. 

Lady Bug Paley 2010

Lady Bug Paley 2010

Out of all the photos we took that Halloween, this was the one good one. She was crying in every shot except for one, which was way to blurry to post on the blog. Sorry!!!! Poor Paley. We are some mean dad's for sure! 

For her third Halloween she was adamant she wanted to be a lady bug. Thankfully Chasing Fireflies had a cute version of ladybug. I remember showing Paley the costume and she went nuts. When it arrived, she wanted to wear the wings almost every day.

Finally after a week I had to the put wings in hiding to avoid the damage they kept enduring. This Halloween, Paley went out tricking for a longer time and she even had her best bud Lorenzo with her for most of the night. 

Empress Paley 2011

Empress Paley 2011

She had an amazing night out, it was the first halloween where I realized I like giving out candy more than the trick or treating. So now I do about 15 houses and then let her and Dad do the rest.  

During her 3rd year, she was well into the whole princess thing but not overboard. Paley did her first trip to Disneyland that summer and by the time we got home, she was repeatedly asking for a princess costume for Halloween. We hit the CF website and she immediately gravitated toward this over the top empress costume. She loved it. I think put the costume on about 10 times before halloween. The costume is very delicate, so repeat use was not a wise idea. Now while most kids are dressing up for school around Halloween, Paley had to wait for Purim, the Jewish equivalent of All Hallows Eve. I love this costume and my personal favorite of all of them. She loved being the princess or empress.

Witch Doctor Paley 2012

Witch Doctor Paley 2012

Last year was a roller coaster of baby arrival and poor Paley being shuttled between Mimi’s house and our house. The twins ended up spending 9 days in the NICU, so the nurses forced us to go home and spend Halloween with Paley. We are so glad we did. Last summer Paley and I got to spend an afternoon with my old friend Anne Marie who was visiting from Europe along with her friend. Paley was extremely interested in learning about what kind of work AM did. In the end she explained to her that she does work similar to a doctor. Paley was in love, she thought the world of AM and wanted to grow up to be a doctor like AM.

This new passion for being a doctor developed into her 5th costume. I did order a customized doctor costume from CF and it included scrubs and a white lab coat with her Dr. Paley embroidered. Now, over time this doctor idea morphed. In the end she wanted to be a Witch Doctor. But not in the African sense, more a doctor who wears a witch hat. The day of Halloween I realized that I had forgotten to purchase a witch hat for her costume. Thankfully Walgreens had a purple glitter witch hat left. She loved it! A friend of mine gave me all the doctor accessories for her costume.