Arrested Development, How I USE 2 Love The

We started watching the new season of Arrested Development a few weeks ago after they were put up on Netflix. We loved the show when it was on the TV. We loved all the characters and we loved the writing. We even own a few art pieces that themed after the show. When they announced that Netflix was going to produce a whole new season. I loved their idea of theming the episodes around one character. The end result was not what I was expecting. My expectation was they would continue to use the whole cast through each episode but keep the storyline egocentric to one character.

Ron Howard and his team opted to completely abandon the shows original format of having multiple story lines in one episode. Instead the single character storyline was a failure, lacking any energy. After the 5th episode we both lost interest in powering though the episodes. We are now watching an episode maybe once every 10 days. Sad to see that all that hard work to bring the show back is not worth it. 

We expected to go through the whole season in a week. Sadly, several weeks after it was posted on Netflix, we have only made it to episode 5. Old seasons of Amazing Race and Survivor has taken precedence.