Great Find: Amish Wagon

We’ve been watching old seasons of the Amazing Race recently and we came across the family edition of the race. More on that topic later! In the first episode they traveled to Pennsylvania and featured several Mennonite and amish farms out in the country side. One shot was of three kids riding traditional Amish Scooters or bikes as I thought they were initially. 

Both the Mennonite and Amish cultures do allow traditional bicycles to be used but there are several communities that only allow the Amish Scooter. The Amish scooter looks like bicycle, minus everything in the middle of the bike. No seat, no pedals, no geas and chains. Instead you stand on a platform between the two wheels, while you use the handle bars to steer. I so want one and think the kids would love them as well. Talk about a great work out. And I don’t know about you, but sitting on seats hurts, especially when you have ridden in long time. 

Now back to my great find. On several of the Amish sites that sell the scooter, they also sell kids wagons. Similar to the common Red Flyer we grew up with and have given to our kids. Their pricing is slightly higher than the Red Flyer brand but you are buying a wagon certainly built in the US.  I checked and the Red Flyer we gave Paley 3 years ago was partially made in China. Talk about a buzz kill. So at least I can pass on this opportunity to support a small town.