I’m A Sucker For Food Trucks

They’re so delicious! Of coarse I am not talking about the truck that pulls up to construction sites and pop’s up the sides to reveal CRAP & JUNK food-galore. I am talking the new wave of gourmet food trucks that are sweeping this planet. Of coarse it’s nothing new, you could consider the big taco truck that parked near your work at lunch time. Man they make amazing tacos and burritos. There was one truck that use to park right outside my office on Harrison between 19th & 20th in SF. So good!

The “gourmet” trucks started popping up around the city about 5 years ago. It started to spread out into the bay area pretty quick. The Alameda antique fair started allowing food trucks into the event about 3 years ago and that is where I found my first favorite truck. Le Truc is heaven in a burger bun. The sandwiches are awesome and their old and new school fries are so yummy. We try to eat at the Le Truc every time we got to Alameda. Sadly we haven’t gone that often, the crowds are nuts and we can’t get out as early as we use to. 


Last summer the food trucks finally made the migration down to the south bay. The La Hacienda Inn on highway 9 has seen some tough times over the past few years. Trying everything to keep their doors open. Last summer the light bulb was turned on and they started a Friday evening Food Truck Rally in their parking lot. After a successful summer last year (packed every friday night) the Los Gatos Food Fest was born. They’ve started it again about 3 weeks ago and it’s still a hit. We probably went about 6 times last summer and we will probably go the same this summer. 

We’ve gone with family and friends, which made for a great experience every time. Paley would play with her friends while a band would play music. By the end of the night the kids usually crashed on the way home. We were introduced to so many amazing and kooky trucks. My all time favorite and it only shows up once in a blue moon, is WE SUSHI. Holy moley, the Lobster Crunch Roll is amazing! 

Then there are those crazy yummy trucks.....like the Dough Truck. They serve burgers which they substitute the typical bun with a glazed donut! My first and only burger from them was the Wild West Burger. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good but it’s a once in a lifetime burger. You cannot eat these things on a regular basis. Another plus are their Cool ToTo, yes Tater-tot with all the fixings. The I’m Loaded Tots are the bomb! Oh yes, I said “the Bomb”.


So don’t be scared of a food truck rally - it’s for all, kids will love it and even the gray haired crowd are exploring this new phenomenon.