What To Watch: Binge Galore Till North Returns

With the summer comes the great time to enjoy “Winter ” or better known as The Game of Thrones. With the end of the regular tv season in mid-May, one is stuck with nothing new and exciting to watch for 2 whole month when the summer season truly begins or Thrones returns. Perfect time to catch up on shows you let fall to the waist side or finally check out that show 5-10 friends swear you must watch. Here are a few shows I jumped into for the first time or revisited.

Girlboss: This is truly a diamond in the rough, found on Netflix. Get past the first two episodes and you will enjoy the great visual story lines. From the amazing online chat scenes to the amazing soundtrack selection, to bad that sites like Amazon or iTunes have the soundtrack listed. The show is based on the semi-auto-biographical book by Sophia Amoruso, found of online shopping site Nasty Girl. Set in San Francisco, the shows amazingly talented cast shines through all the bad luck and 20-something angst. The best part of the show is appearance of RuPaul as the main characters neighbor. Sadly the show, which had little to none marketing, will not receive a second season on Netflix. Sad but worth the watch regardless.


GLOW: I know, what’s with all the girl shows, this new show on Netflix is getting a lot of good press and its well deserved. The first episode was rough but the second hooks you in good. The show is based on the 80’s phenomenon of Lady Wrestlers and the TV show that brought the ladies to the spotlight aptly named Glamorous Ladies Of Wrestling. The show features the amazing comedian Marc Maron and actress Alison Brie who used to be on the TV show Community. Netflix did an amazing job casting all of the ladies in the show. The each really emory their characters in personality and physically. One thing for certain is Netflix is truly mastering the look and fill of 80’s with show like GLOW and Stranger Things.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: What rock have you and I been living under that we missed this amazing period murder mystery series. Life in the roaring 20’s was simply lovely and deadly, especially for Phryne Fisher, professional sleuth and heiress. The costumes alone a reason to dive into this show. The writing is pretty good and the love story does drag a little. An Australian based series, it’s a fresh cast with several talents that I hope make it to the states one day. The show tackles all kinds of social barriers but its priority lies with female empowerment and the continued battle of suffrage. PBS has run the series over the past 3 years and you can also find the episodes on Netflix.

Fortitude: Remember the movie The Thing? Well this Amazon series is a spin on the movie. A great murder, sci-fi mystery set in the Arctic, the show in a way is like playing the game Clue. A wonderful cast that even features Michael Gambon (Harry Potter’s Dumbledore) and several other great european actors like Richard Dormer & Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones) and great american legends like Stanley Tucci & Dennis Quaid.


Unbreakable Jimmy Schmidt: I think subconsciously I’ve been avoiding this show like the plague because I was never a big fan of Ellie Kemper’s character on the show. This time around Kemper’s style comedy style has been paired with the perfect trifecta. Tituss Burgess is genius as Titus Andromedon and Carol Kane is still a force to be reckoned with mastery of character. The show is on Netflix and is already slated for the 4th season to come out next year.

Turn: I’ve written about the TURN series about two years ago when it appeared. The first season is amazing but season two was lacking and we stopped watching the show. Thanks to great marketing, I was curious with the fact the 4th season is underway and receiving great acclaim. A cast of historic characters and great actors like Jamie Bell (as the great spy) and Samuel Roukin (as creepy John Simcoe), amazing set design and costumes. I picked up with Season 2 and thankfully the writing begins to stand up again in season 3. The show is on AMC but you can catch up online through AMC.com or Netflix.