Bond 27: Who’s The Next Bond

(l to r) Aidan Turner, Julian Ovenden, Jamie Bell, Nicholas Hoult, Idris Elba

(l to r) Aidan Turner, Julian Ovenden, Jamie Bell, Nicholas Hoult, Idris Elba

With Bond 25 in preproduction and Daniel Craig is rumored to be looking at jumping from the Bond Ship now that his 4 picture deal is now complete. News sites are now reporting that Craig is open to the idea of doing the next Bond filmas long as the deal is a back to back movie deal (two movies shot at once, think Lord of the Rings). With that said, the short lists are already out on the next James Bond, #7. Right now the masses want Idris Elba to be the next Bond and I am on board with that. He has it, the voice, the presence, the agility and the delivery. Although his age is huge factor, most critics are skittish about a almost 50 Bond. 

Sadly for people like author & columnist Liz Smith, they prefer their James Bond to be white and sea of the same. I was a little shocked that Smith made such a comment. I am not sure what her motive is but I figured she would have a more open mind, considering the times are changing and she was catalyst to some of that. Sadly, not fast enough for some. 

The second name being spun around the hollywood rumor mill is actor Jamie Bell. Not to sound like a pedophile, I fell in love with Jamie when he starred in Billy Elliot back in the 90's. Bell has grown so much in the last 15 years. His most recent run in the AMC series “TURN” has garnered acclaim. Bell’s career has blossomed in the last 10 years from dependable comedic sidekick, into a stronger leading man more and more. Bell would certainly give the role a new twist, a youthful twist to the story line. 

Another great actor in the running is James Norton. Norton is new to the acting game, having only started his mainstream career back in 2009 in the British cult hit An Education. Following his first foray into film, his small box career sky rocketed. Recently he can be seen as the hunky sleuth priest on “Grantchester” and the recent mini-series “War and Peace” which I reviewed preciously. While Norton fits the mold of Bond to a “T”, he would give those want to keep to tradition, the perfect Bond. Funny thing is that Norton is actually only a year younger than Bell. 

Other names being tossed out there that are strong possibilities are

Michael Fassbender, in May was quoted in saying he would love to do the role but he’s already got a full plate with film empires like the X-men and Assassin’s Creed.

Damian Lewis, he is already 45 which means by the time he would shoot his first film he would be in his 50’s. 

Nicholas Hoult, I like this idea, along with Bell they are both really young which in the end is a perk for the longer picture. 

Tom Hardy, Bond has already been rough, no need for scrappy! 

Aidan Turner, would be a dark broody Bond, certainly a new direction for the franchise. I think Turner would be great if the franchise decides to take Bond into a darker era. 

In the end I think Hoult and Bell would age nicely into the role. So what if Bell would be the first short Bond and Hoult would probably give Bond a goofy spin. My opinion is that Bond needs more change. Craig took Bond to the extreme of manliness, while Moore gave bond a softer, dapper side. With that said, Turner would be the freshest avenue for Bond. 

I do have another actor in mind that most of the sites are overlooking. Julian Ovenden is most notably recognized as the one who got away on “Downton Abbey”. Height may be an issue and his age, turning 40 this year. He is certainly is an actor that has a lot of chops. He even shocked me when he showed up on the TV show “SMASH”, the man can sing a great note. I think he is a underdog, and can bring more finest which Bond needs, I think Julian has it.