Bathroom Potty Madness

We are not quite on the floor crying but we are limping along. The philosophy we have adopted this second time around but with twins is “NO DIAPERS”!. We threw them away, in the garbage, all gone, no more crutch. With Paley we tried 3 times to get her potty trained and after giving up after the third attempt, she finally cracked. She hit the potty on her own, on a trip to visit family up in Idaho. Looking back, the reason why we failed three times was due to the fact we were giving up. We hit a limit and there sitting in the drawer is the easy to deal with diapers. 

Currently we are on Day 4 of no diapers and the kids have made a few strides in the training. Are they completely potty trained in 3 days as promised? No! But we are getting there - I will accept the progress we have made over the past 3 days and keep moving forward. Oddly enough the only real struggle we experienced in the past 3 days is getting the twins to understand when the poo or pee comes they need to dart for the potty. The first two days were rough in this department but I will agree with the 3 day method that by day 3 there is a little light shedding on progress. 

For now we are just trying to struggle towards the kids understanding that the potty is where they should go to go #1 & #2. Fingers Crossed!