Condoms. Beer, Vodka & Grindr: Online Ad Stereotypes

Google is supposed to be the almighty god of advertising but lets pose the question, do they really have their shit together? Or are they just phoning it in and just using their wide reach to be king? When I am surfing the internet, the ads say it all, they are supposed to sell you products based on where you’ve been on the internet. Most of the time they get it wrong on their predictions because most of the time I get condom ads, beer ads, vodka ads and Grindr ads! Here’s the problem, 

#1 I don’t shop for condoms online. I would rather be that awkward looking human being does at the drug store check out line.

#2 I haven’t drank a beer since college, Yes, I am being completely honest. I loathe the taste of beer.

#3 While I’ve been known to drink vodka now and then, I always prefer gin over vodka.

#4 Last time I checked, I am married and I am not cheating on my husband. So Grindr (a gay hookup phone app) is of no use for me. Plus I really could care less about which in the closet Republican is on Grindr Well okay, I care about the second item a little bit.

So where is this coming from, well I do get a lot of my news from several gay and LGBT related news websites. That is my theory. 

With that, why is it the google realm of advertising believes all gays only like sex, booze and SEX? The algorithm should also note that I frequently visit and make purchases of kids clothes, diapers, kids books along with all my gay new websites. They need to add a solution for LGBT Parents into that algorithm of theirs because not all LGBT parents care about “Drinking the best tasting light beer” and I don’t need “the right man in my life” because I already found him 15 years ago.

Don’t even get me started on all the Republican ad’s I see on Gay Websites during election push.