On Step Closer to Full Equality

Last week was a pretty great week for the HK family and the LGBT community and all our allies. Today is the PRIDE parade up in San Francisco. We initially had no plans attending this year because we wanted a weekend off after our trip to Idaho. I was having some fears attending the parade today with such a big change in the world on the heels of the event. We were out at dinner with friends last night when the news came about the shooting. Well, there went those plans for today. My families safety is paramount at this juncture because there are so many people are willing to go the extreme for their beliefs.

We are ecstatic of the news for the right to marry for the LGBT community. While this is just another step in the right direction. It’s a significant step for the progress towards complete equality for the LGBT community and their families. We appreciate all of the support we’ve gotten and love from those who’s personal beliefs contradict our own. We hope this moment in time like so many before it, breads more tolerance in our country and across our planet. For now, we hope all of those who were unable to make the great life step towards being with the one they love.