iTunes Flux Of LGBT Films


I have this quirky need to check out iTunes Pre-Order section for Movies. I am eager to see when all the movies “I wish I could have seen in the theater” are being released. We don’t get to the movies as often as we would like. One could easily blame the 3 kids in our house but the truth is the cost to go to the movies is outrageous. I think the last time Clem and I saw a film together was about 4 years ago. No we only hit the cineplex on our own. We have found, even if we took our daughter to go see a film. We would walk out of the theater at a loss of $30-40. Between the ticket price $8-14 and the food $16-30, it adds up fast. For that much money, you can buy the movie plus two others. You are just short the theater experience.


Seeing LGBT films in the theater, has now become a thing of the past for us. When we lived in SF, we saw LGBT films frequently. I remember the days of me  waiting in line to see Priscilla (whichI saw 7 times in the theater) or falling in love with the screen, watching “A Beautiful Thing”, “Trick” or “Big Eden”. I saw Brokeback in the theater, Clem still has not seen it. We now have to rely on dvd releases to get our fill of LGBT movies. I fell hard for the movie “Shelter” and wished for more from films like “Newcastle” or “A Single Man”.


Over the past year I have noticed that there has been a flux of LGBT movies being posted on iTunes. With movies like “Hawaii” and “Cal”. Granted most have been indie films. But there story lines are certainly unique for the film genre. 


Most recently, I’ve also have noticed that LGBT movies tends to be completely literal with their poster art. Which means, from time to time, when we go to the movies section on our AppleTV. The 3 purchased movie panes on the left feature posters of two half or fully naked men, embracing or even having sex. A little embarrassing? Maybe! More like awkward. We aren’t ashamed just a little modest when you have 3 kids in the room or maybe a guest. I love I have to buy a movie to bump those posters off there. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love that these movies are making a splash all over iTunes. I strongly recommend you watch some of the movies I listed above. “Beautiful Thing” and “Trick” are two of the best gay themed movies ever made. On a side note, don’t get me started how disappointed I am that iTunes doesn’t have “Beautiful Thing” in their store. The Nerve!