I Love & Loathe Movie Theaters


Over the weekend I got a free moment to myself. Normally I take a nap or run errands, it’s rare that I actually go out to do something for myself. So I went to the movies and saw “World War Z”. I loved the movie, the best $11 I’ve spent in a long time. And it’s Brad Pitt, I’m a sucker for Brad, reminds me of my husband. Worth seeing on the big screen. The only downside of going to the movie theaters is seeing all the disturbing sights before and after the movie. 

There are very few theaters in the this area that aren’t attached to a mall. I loath malls, I can’t stand the crowds and I can’t stand how people walk around looking like zombies. It was over 100 degrees that day, so its understandable that the food court, which surrounds the movie theater ticket booth, was a zoo. There had to be 400-500 in that area alone. Could only imagine the real number walking around the complex. 

Another part of going to the movie theater I don’t like is how disturbing the lack of judgement of some of the moviegoers. When I was exiting the World War Z, I noticed several families exiting the Zombie movie with me. One mother had a 3yr old son and 5yr old daughter with her. The boy was complaining how scary the movie was and the mother just dismissed his comments by saying “I wasn’t scared, so you shouldn’t have been scared”. Ignorance and plain stupidity. I don’t understand how some parents can be so ignorant the dangers some things are to their children. Granted it’s a PG-13 movie but seriously, you couldn’t get a sitter or just wait till the movie came out on DVD. If you can afford the $40 you spend on you and 3 kids, plus the two tubs of popcorns and 3 sodas cups, then you can afford a sitter, with money left over to buy yourself ticket and a free cup of water. 

Now for full disclosure, my daughter has watched a few PG movies here and there but never a bloody or gory movie. But we are already had watched the film before she even saw it. I’ve lived with night terrors all my life and my parents never let us watch scary and gory movies like World War Z, so who knows where those terrors came from. I can’t imagine showing Paley a movie like that and not have a little girl waking up screaming every night. People children don’t understand the difference of reality and make believe.


BRIAN H-KComment