Paley’s Corner: Taking the ‘AMA’ Train to OR - Part 1

Paley on her first train ride from NYC to in hand.....nah, hot coco.

At the end of this month Paley will be taking her second train ride on a great adventure North to Oregon. She’s going to spend a long weekend alone with her Grandparents. We thought we would take this opportunity to take her on an adventure and enjoy some one on one time with her. The plan is Clem will take the train North and then fly home and then I would do likewise by Flying North and taking the train home with her. Both rides will be overnight and I’ve secured a sleep room for both rides. 

This will be a first for Paley and I, sleeping on a train. Clem has already had the pleasure while backpacking in Europe. The twins will be home with us for the trip, while Paley is having a blast up in Oregon. 5 years old and already doing a long distance trip away from us. I know many of her friends have done this at early an earlier age but this our little baby we are giving up. Keep in mind it took us 1 1/2 years before we had Mimi to babysit her so we could do a date night. And she was almost 4 she did her first sleepover at Mimi’s house. This is pretty good progress for her! Heck the girl was doing sleepover at friends houses when she was only 3.